A Beautifully Simple Customer Value Model and Its Questions

A friend just showed me this incredibly simple customer value model he built for his company:

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Defining Datagasms


Here’s a definition that should immediately go into all the marketing slang dictionaries: datagasm (da·ta·gasm) /ˈdatəˌgazəm/ Noun: A climax of analytical excitement, characterized by pleasure centered in the left brain and accompanied by an outpour of actionable insights.

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The Magic of Optimizing for the Search Value Chain: Tying the Knots


User intent. The right offer. The right landing page. The right follow-up strategy. The only way to tie all of this together and reach search value chain nirvana is with a sound plan. Here’s the simple template I like to use …

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The Truth is in the Dataset


In most cases, today, the data is there to tell us what’s wrong. To warn us on time. To tell us exactly where the challenge is. Sometimes we need to dig deeper. Do voice of customer research. Do competitive analysis. But the data is almost always there, ready to tell us the truth … if [...]

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The Magic of Optimizing for the Search Value Chain: Search and Email Making Babies


If your tactical goal for select keywords is lead generation, instead of going for the immediate sale (as outlined in part 2 of The Magic of Optimizing for the Search Value Chain), there’s still one mission critical element left to master: the email follow-up. But here’s the challenge: The best way to capture leads using [...]

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